High School Counselor

Ouachita School District Counseling Mission Statement

The Ouachita School District Counselors strive to empower students to embrace their full potential and to achieve their personal and academic aspirations. The school counseling program is designed to help students develop the skills needed to achieve academic success, personal growth, social/emotional development, and college/career readiness. 

 Ouachita School District Counseling Vision Statement

Ouachita school counselors will promote  social/emotional skills to all students to reach their fullest educational potential. Through the collaboration of school and community members, our counselors inspire all of the students to become healthy, responsible, competent, and career ready who will make a positive impact in our diverse world. 

Ouachita School District Counseling Beliefs

All students have the right to be heard and treated with respect. All students should have access to a high quality education. All students can succeed to their fullest potential.