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Flashing Red. Kids Ahead.

Posted Date: 08/23/2022

Flashing Red.  Kids Ahead.

Everyone has a responsibility to ensure students arrive to and from school safely. This includes being mindful of student safety when approaching school buses. 

Through the Flashing Red. Kids Ahead. school bus safety campaign, the Arkansas Department of Education, Arkansas Association of Pupil Transportation, and Arkansas School Bus Mechanics Association remind educators, parents, school bus drivers, and community leaders to obey all traffic laws whenever they are near a school bus. It is illegal to pass a stopped school bus whenever its red lights are flashing, as students are present. The fines, penalties and punishment for anyone found guilty of illegally passing a stopped school bus were increased dramatically by Act 2128 of 2005, also known as Isaac’s Law. 

Help keep our students safe! Remember: Flashing Red. Kids Ahead.