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Chromebook Contract


Dear Parents,                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


As we begin a new year, we are working hard to provide each student with a chromebook to use in class.  Many of the activities we will do this year are digital and will be loaded through our digital learning platform called Google Classroom. Provided an email address, we can link you to this platform.  


One thing we do each year is discuss the importance of being responsible online learners. We are having great conversations about the pros and cons of using chromebooks in the classroom and we are working together to establish some norms.  Additionally, students will participate in Google’s “Interland” game to make wise choices about ways to stay safe online. 


With the norms we are establishing together as a class, we feel there is a need for  consequences for those who choose to make decisions that will not benefit learning.  We want to share the norms and the consequences we have created as a class community of learners:


  1.  Handling Chromebooks-  I will hold chromebooks with TWO hands, and shut the top easily.  I will also use “soft hands” with keyboard. I will be careful with ALL accessories and store them carefully.

  2. Transition- “When we need to stop, we will lower the top!”  If I am not on task, my teacher will turn my chromebook away from me OR signal me with online monitoring system, redirecting my attention to the task.  If I make another bad choice, I will lose my chromebook.

  3. Tabs & No Tabbing:)-  One tab at a time unless the teacher gives permission.  I know some assignments will require more than one tab at a time, but I will make sure my teacher has given me permission to use those. I will stay on task with the lesson at hand. THIS INCLUDES SHORTCUTS except working in Google Docs, Slides, etc.

  4. Hands On My Chromebook and My Account- I will stay on my account and use my password.  I will not use other accounts or passwords unless a teacher gives me permission (ex.-locked out of account and need to use a teacher-assigned one).  I will keep my password to myself and only share with my teacher. I MUST give my teacher my password and let her be aware of any changes involving it.

  5.  “Settings” are for Teachers and Admin Only-I know the “settings” button is used to make my chromebook work to its best ability.  My teachers, I.T., and any administration can work with my settings buttons, including checking history, cookies, and other data that may need to be checked.

     6.  Share my screen.  I must share my screen with my teacher using the online monitoring  software. If I refuse, I will lose chromebook privileges for a time to be determined (based on severity of insubordination).


If I can not follow these norms:


1st - I will lose Chromebook privileges for one day and will be expected to copy ALL chromebook assignments and finish the work at home for homework. This includes giving up recess to catch up in any assignment.

2nd - I will lose Chromebook privileges for one week and will be expected to copy ALL chromebook assignments and finish the work at home for homework.This includes giving up recess to catch up in any assignment.

3rd-  I will be issued a pink slip for not following directions and learning from my previous choice.

**If offense is severe enough, teachers can go to the 3rd step.**


Each student has been asked to sign this contract to stay accountable so everyone can have a positive learning environment in the classroom.  Please reinforce these norms with your child and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!