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  • Students will do a spiral review Mon.-Thurs. Students are expected to make all corrections as we go over it as a class. This will help them on their quizzes that will be given periodically. 


  • We will be using the Eureka Math Curriculum this year. This curriculum teaches students to think about math beyond facts and formulas. It helps the them understand why math works.


  • Math quizzes will be given periodically in skills that we are learning about at that time. Math unit tests will be given at the end of each unit. Study guides will be provided prior to the test. Math homework is also a good practice for the test.



We will be using the PhD Science curriculum this year. There are 4 modules of study.

  • Weather and Climate

  • Survival

  • Traits

  • Forces and Motion

Science tests will be given periodically. Study guides will be provided prior to the test. The tests will consist of science concepts, vocabulary, and class investigations/labs.


In social studies, the students will be creating an intern active notebook. The notebook functions as a textbook. This is a great resource for the students, because they are making it themselves.