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Graded Assignments/Assessments

  • Daily English (Spiral Review) will be completed weekly.  Students are to correct their answers as we go over them together each day as a class. Quizzes will be given on Thursdays that cover the review skills covered that week. English tests will be given periodically on the skills that we are learning about in our units of study.
  • Daily Reading (Spiral Review) will be completed every week. These are close reading passages that students will read on their own, in literature circles, and whole group with teacher guidance. The same passage will be read for 4 days, and an open response/multiple choice quiz will be given on Thursdays
  • Reading Vocabulary lists will be sent home for every story we read as a class. Vocabulary quizzes will be given periodically depending on the length of our units.
  • For independent reading, students will participate in the 40 Book Challenge
  • Reading tests will be given to assess students' understanding of skills and concepts after they have read and discussed passages and stories from our Journey’s hard back reader and novel studies. These passages and stories are from many different genres. These reading tests are open book. Benchmark Tests will be given perodically.  These will be cold reads (passages they haven’t read ahead of time) to assess progress in fluency and comprehension.
  • Spelling/Phonics Tests will be given at the end of each word study unit (usually every 3 weeks). Each test will have 14 words that you will have to study at home, and 3 words that will be “surprise” words. These surprise words will follow the phonics rules we have studied in that unit. Bonus words may also be given :)

  • Students will be given sorting quizzes periodically covering phonics skills in each unit. They will sort nonsense (pseudo) words into categories according to specific phonics rules.

  • We will be working on reflective narrative writing and constructed responses to texts. Grades will be given for finished writing pieces periodically. We will use a rubric to score writing pieces.




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