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Ouachita Public School Program Options K-12

Ouachita Gifted and Talented Program Options K-12



Ouachita Elementary School Options

1. Whole group enrichment 

  •      K-3rd grade; 
  •      Talents Unlimited
  •      Kingore Observation Inventory


2.  Pull-Out

  •      4th-6th grade  
  •      150 minutes of instruction by certified gifted and talented teacher
  •      Critical/creative thinking, affective domain, research, technology, product production, deductive reasoning, problem solving, and leadership are some of the skills taught.


3.  Pre-AP

  •       7th -10th
  •     Science, Social Studies, English, Math
  •     taught by Pre-Ap of AP certified teacher


4.  AP, CC, Honors

  •     10-12th
  •     English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language
  •     taught by AP certified teacher


5.  Secondary Content

  •      Avaliable to students who for whatever reason did not take one of the above options.  Only minimum students should be taking this option.